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The home for direct, transparent information leading to the sustainable recovery of The Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian.

The Disaster

Hurricane Dorian is the most powerful storm to ever make landfall in the Atlantic in known history. The northern islands of The Bahamas bore the brunt of Dorian’s devastation with its eye hovering over the country in September 2019. With extreme storm surge and sustained winds over 185 mph, the impact on the affected islands was significant. In order to guide an effective, efficient, and transparent recovery process, it is going to take NGOs, the government, and the people of The Bahamas working together as an organized and unified front. The information on this website serves as the most updated place to learn the current state of, and how to join, the recovery.

3 Phases of Recovery


Emergency Relief

  • Emergency evacuations
  • Medical care
  • Aid arrives and is distributed


Initial Recovery

  • Emergency aid tapers off
  • Infrastructure brought back
  • Rebuilding begins
  • Schools, stores, and jobs rebuild to reopen
  • Sense of normalcy returns



  • Opportunity to implement new economic pillars
  • Opportunity for job creation for locals
  • Implement green initiatives
  • Implement new higher standards for education, construction, and city planning

We are currently in the "Initial Recovery" phase of recovery

We hope to complete the “Redevelopment” stage by mid 2021

Current Priority Projects

During each phase of the recovery, there are strategic projects that can expedite the redevelopment of the affected islands.

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Vacation to Help

Tourist Information

  • One of the top ways to help The Bahamas is to continue spending your vacation dollars here.
  • Tourism is one of the main pillars of our Bahamas economy, and your vacation in one the many non-affected beautiful islands will help us during our rebuilding.
  • Only 34% of the Bahamas were severely affected.

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